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Bottom-up leadership: It’s NOT difficult!

Are you one of those leaders who always thinks you right? Well if you are, it’s time for you to invest in bottom-up leadership! Smell the roses and fresh air, see the bigger picture and be open-minded to acknowledge other individuals experience and perspective.

The days of “forcing” actionable items is no longer effective with the position of hierarchy. The very companies who have a vertical approach in their leadership prodigy, MAY BE successful, BUT will NOT BE industry leaders. But that’s for another discussion welcome in the comments box below.

So, do you want to just be a successful company, or do you want to be an industry leader?…

How bottom-up leadership works

In today’s world, every employee at every level needs to be thinking strategically, looking for new opportunities – both for the business, as well as for their own career growth. Through autonomy and shared empowerment, each team and employee is empowered to operate independently and with the freedom to make decisions in the best interest of optimizing business results. This creates a window of opportunity to create ideas that spread faster across the organization, not discounting learning agility!

Here’s a simple example – an employee who persuades executives to adopt a new product/service/system. In this instance, all titles are respected equally and an environment that has allowed for employees (at any level) to have a say, inspiring autonomy within a team. But remember, this only works if there is a common vision and strategy!

So, the question I ask you to ask yourself: How often have you allowed your employees to influence your thinking or acting differently?

So Now What?

Leaders need to be the visionaries and direction of the company. By organizations acknowledging and encouraging bottom-up leadership, employees will become more engaged, with potential for greater innovation. In this way, employees are no longer mere passengers on the bus, but help drive that bus!


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