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AI – A Job Creator?

Many fears have been brought about with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, and it’s likeliness to “kill” many jobs. Despite all this, I do believe AI presents the opportunity to create shifts in occupations, and thereby a creation of many “new unknown” job positions.

Business models are likely to change with part of AI’s intent to create economic growth. The introduction of AI is to create benefits for users, businesses and economies; which essentially means the demand for workers increases, partly fueled by productivity growth.

Yes, at the start, AI will lead to job losses, but as it matures, more jobs will be created. Ever maturing technology requires “TLC”, and this requires skills. Employees should prepare themselves for a change in job roles, by being re-trained and re-skilled. With time, new jobs will be created that are focused on Innovation, Disruption, and/or STEM (data scientists, process-engineers, designers, developers etc).

From an organisational Triple Bottom Line Corporate Social Responsibility perspective, this is an opportunity to up-skill and train employees.


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