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Defining a Successful Disruptive Leader?


Being in a leadership position requires “value add”. In order to achieve this, one needs to be “constructively disruptive”, or in other words, become a Successful Disruptive Leader.

What is required to be one varies, however here are 3 key characteristics that every leader should focus on in order to be successfully disruptive.

  1. Don’t be afraid to shake things up to get the necessary results. Think of Jack Welsh, his leadership style and creative vision that overwhelmed GE’s success.
  2. DO NOT make decisions on the fly; you will lose sight of the long-term vision and goals, resulting in a lack of trust
  3. Continuous innovation is disruption in order to be ahead of the curve.
  4. Be SMART at what you do. The SMART model is an excellent base for identifying gaps for improvement.
  5. LISTEN before you act – you never know what others which might have may be of value to your business.
  6. Use the 1:1:1 principle once you have delivered your vision to the organisation.
  • You will often come across individuals who “Buy” Into the Vision; “Uncertain but may believe in it” and “Do Not Buy into it”. Identify the right people for your organisation, who have the commitment to push through and deliver.


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