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What is an OUTCOMES based leader?

When we think of the word “outcome”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s results! But thinking of results ONLY creates a negative connotation, where a leader is perceived to be all about the “self”. To counter this, planning is core to success in the outcomes-based leadership approach, as common sense would ask us, “who is it that delivers the outcome?”. The answer…your EMPLOYEES.

  • Goals need to be defined!

It’s vitally important to have your end goals defined. Clarifying your successes through quantifiable KPI’s at a detailed level is necessary. The “why it matters” needs to be clear and understandable to employees. If this is missed, results are unlikely to be achieved, and that means failure!

  • Upskilling

Knowing what your goals are and having communicated them, it’s now time to leave it to the employee to deliver. BUT this is not feasible unless you understand the power of your workforce. Selecting the right employees and drive their performance through engagement is core. This means knowing how to leverage their strengths, where to close the gaps on development areas so that they are successful in their goals. In a nutshell, you need to intentionally leverage strengths to push performance.

  • Walking the journey

Now that you’ve skilled up our employees, got them to the competence levels required to deliver effectively and efficiently on the results, now what? Well, training and upskilling is certainly not enough. Being a guide to employees is critical. It’s not micromanagement, but rather empowering your employees, and then help them along their journey (where needed). In this way, both employees succeed, and results are achieved!

This calls for combination of Bottom-up leadership with an outcomes-based approach. It’s critical to know your employees on a personal level, and if you are equipped with that knowledge, guiding and coaching each employee to focus on outcomes that align with the organization’s strategy and purpose will be a lot easier.

All in all, an outcome-based leader means someone who knowingly wants their employees to succeed and is willing to help them succeed! Just hoping and expecting employees to succeed will not work! Employees follow you if you know where they are going (their targeted results), and simultaneously guide them in attaining these results.

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