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Allow Employees to be Entrepreneurs!

I’ve seen (and heard) many companies refusing to allow employees to have “side gigs”. The most common rationale behind the refusal was…“employees will no longer be committed to the business and dedicate their time as previously”. Having the right work culture, deliverables and measurables can help manage employee productivity (but that’s for another discussion).


Here’s the Reality…

During times such as COVID-19, to survive, many businesses may need to release employees onto unpaid leave, or (in the unfortunate event), retrench employees. As we can see, this decision is made in the best interest of the business owner(s), and rightfully so (to an extent!).

WHY to an Extent?!

The answer is simple – SELFISHNESS! As executive leaders, our responsibility is to rightfully produce results that delivers sustainable business. YES(!) tough times call for tough decisions, BUT proactive mitigations which protect our employees (during crisis situations) is just as much our responsibility.


If we are considering releasing employees onto unpaid leave, or retrenching employees, how would we feel, knowing they have NO OTHER source of income? One must have a heart made of stone to answer “it DOES NOT bother me”…On the other hand, imagine being that leader who helped (and/or encouraged) his/her employees generate additional income?

In the eyes of employees, it’s the difficult times that define the GREAT leader from the POOR leader. The decision to release employees onto unpaid leave or retrench is never easy! BUT(!) employees who are encouraged (and supported) to undertake an entrepreneurial journey (to earn additional income) are likely to better understand the reasons for layoffs.


So, when the sh*t hits the fan, how would we like our employees to remember us?

The leader who ALWAYS had MY BEST INTEREST in mind. I WILL WORK for him/her!

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