The CART Leadership Framework

The CART leadership framework produces a ever lasting consistent aura of Commitment, Appreciation, Respect and Trust amongst EVERYONE

Commitment, Appreciation, Respect and Trust are four principles I live by, which have created a platform for influential working relationships both at a business level and personal level.

There are four key steps in my success to date as a Visionary Disruptive Leader:

  • I challenge the status quo and am not afraid to shake things up (in the right direction).
  • Continuous innovation is disruption in order to be ahead of the curve.
  • Being SMART at what I do. I utilise the SMART model to assess areas that can be improved on.
  • LISTENING before I act. A true leader always listens in order to succeed.

In applying the above, I summarise my leadership approach with the below graphic, aka, UP-SIDE DOWN LEADERSHIP.


One of my strengths, is identifying upcoming and fast-growing business trends that assist businesses with growth, better productivity and efficiency. The different business networks and conferences I participate in has provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in areas of innovation, technology and businesses practices.

Africa’s Energy World

Africa’s Energy World was started by myself and a partner in 2012, where we introduced intellectual property in the renewable energy industry for LED lighting and solar products. The game changer was based on the product’s heat retention quality factor in comparison to the other industry market products. In 2015, we successfully sold the business to private equity investors.

House of Consultants

I founded House of Consultants in 2013, with an opportunity to provide remote online financial consulting services to smaller and medium sized businesses. In 2015, the business was successfully sold.

Smart E Academy

Smart E Academy is a company that I founded with the vision of quality and affordable education to the youth of our country. I have spent the last year developing a unique cloud based online learning management system to bring to the global market. The vision of Smart E Academy is to provide a platform that engages students, parents and teachers alike in a constructive manner, providing a safe learning environment. The platform will provide meaningful information to all three parties in the light of improving the learnings qualities of students.

As “The Unconventional CA”, my skill set is not limited to finance. With a broad-based work experience and skillset, I help assist organisation’s become agile for rapid growth and development.

Jo’burg Child Welfare
As a Non-Executive board member, the commitment and dedication towards the well-being of this Non profit organisation
African Leadership Academy
As a Non-Executive board member, the commitment and dedication towards the growth of the student enterprise companies
Department of Public Works
The department was issued with a Disclaimer Audit Opinion in 2012. To address the issues noted, I was involved
SAICA Top 35 under 35
With my appointment in September 2019 as Chairman for the Johannesburg District Association, the objective is to
Aspen Pharmacare
As part of my MBA thesis, “A survey of Employee Preferences in the design of a Performance Management
PRP Solutions
Upon my appointment, the company was in start-up phase. I was involved in developing and implementing the
THE UPFluencer

I voluntarily provide coaching, mentoring and training to individuals.


Institutions I am actively involved in include: SAICA, WITS ABASA and The Mentoring Challenge. My passion to contribute to the growth in people’s careers includes: 1) Mentoring employees reporting directly or indirectly to me on a monthly basis. The objective is to guide and help them flourish, both in their daily roles and responsibilities at work, and in their personal life. 2) Creating financial support for previously disadvantaged and disabled to complete tertiary education studies. 3) Voluntarily offering my time to other individuals for mentoring and life coaching on a monthly basis. One of my mentees has recently been recruited into a Senior Management role at a listed entity, whilst another has successfully kickstarted his career and business.

SAICA Enterprise Development

As a member of the advisory board of SAICA’s Enterprise Development, I continuously provide guidance and access to market opportunities to entrepreneurs. These opportunities aim to improve their business turnover and increase their business exposure. I also aim to provide commercial and financial advice to entrepreneurs in need.

My goal in providing pro-bona services to non-profit organisations (NPO’s) is to grow and sustain NPO’s who cannot afford the skill sets of experienced businessmen in their day-to-day operations.

Advisory Roles

I currently serve on as a Non-Executive Board member for two organisations, namely: 1) Jo’burg Child Welfare; and 2) The African Leadership Academy.


As a volunteer for Home of Hope, this is NOT just about me giving up my time. Its more! The initiative run by the organisation is unquestionable! The aim is to restore human dignity to girls who have been rescued from dangerous and abusive situations…and this resonates closely with me! The positive energy created by seeing the difference made to the girls of the Home of Hope children’s home is priceless! My objective is ensuring the well-being of these young girls.