💡 Having failed in multiple start ups early on in my career, and having to revert back to corporate world for a few years before returning in the entrepreneurial race, I realized there are two distinct groups of people when it comes to choosing our own destiny: 1) those who drive (change and take action), and 2) those who follow a lead.

What may the difference between entrepreneurs (or individuals) who then choose to sit in the driver’s seat vs the passenger seat?

✅ Being the driver means, we have control of our outcomes i.e. we decide which highway to take, which side road to escape traffic, whether to slam brakes or hit the accelerator etc…

It’s easy to visualize the above, as we see (or sit in) cars almost daily. Yet, many of us may struggle applying this principle in our career, business or personal life…WHY❓

✅ When we haven’t seen the end outcome in reality, instinct may call us out on self doubt and fear of failure…

✅ So we then step back into our comfort zone in fear the result may not be as expected

✅ The downside… do we live a life unfulfilled not realizing our true potential and ultimate dreams of our purpose in life❓

💎 To drive or be chauffeured (in life and business) is our conscious choice 💎

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