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Allow Employees to be Entrepreneurs!

I’ve seen (and heard) many companies refusing to allow employees to have “side gigs”. The most common rationale behind the refusal was…“employees will no longer be committed to the business and dedicate their time as previously”. Having the right work culture, deliverables and measurables can help manage employee productivity (but that’s for another discussion).   […]

Transitioning from a Manager to an Executive

This topic is of importance to you if you are reading this article! And why not – many of us (if not all) want to see ourselves transition into bigger roles! Some may believe this journey is daunting, but trust me, IT IS NOT! Below is a brief tried and trusted guide with regards to […]

Dear Entrepreneurs…DO NOT fear FAILURE!

At some point in your life, you may have experienced that shivering moment when…”I have this idea, BUT I don’t know if it will work” or “I want to do this, but I am not good enough because of my past fallouts”…Let me tell you this: Failure is the beginning to your success! In the […]

What is an OUTCOMES based leader?

When we think of the word “outcome”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s results! But thinking of results ONLY creates a negative connotation, where a leader is perceived to be all about the “self”. To counter this, planning is core to success in the outcomes-based leadership approach, as common sense would ask us, “who […]

Building a STRONG team with your CURRENT pool of employees?

Building a team from an existing pool of employees (or employees you have inherited) may be a daunting task when the team culture is “divorced”. The biggest focus is “matching roles and responsibilities to people’s strengths”. That means giving people responsibilities according to a) current skill level, b) potential skill level, c) developing skill levels, […]

Defining a Successful Disruptive Leader?

  Being in a leadership position requires “value add”. In order to achieve this, one needs to be “constructively disruptive”, or in other words, become a Successful Disruptive Leader. What is required to be one varies, however here are 3 key characteristics that every leader should focus on in order to be successfully disruptive. Don’t […]

AI – A Job Creator?

Many fears have been brought about with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, and it’s likeliness to “kill” many jobs. Despite all this, I do believe AI presents the opportunity to create shifts in occupations, and thereby a creation of many “new unknown” job positions. Business models are likely to change with part of AI’s intent […]

Corporate Citizenship: A strategy or tragedy?

Corporate Citizenship: A strategy or tragedy? As the National Development Plan (NDP) aims to eliminate poverty, reduce unemployment and reduce inequality by 2030, private sector companies are expected to help realise these goals. With this pressure to support the mentioned NDP, sought out initiatives in which the private sector has contributed (directly or indirectly) includes […]

Ethical Leadership – Why is it important?

Imagine you are requested to make a ground-breaking decision which makes you uncomfortable? Your position is at risk, and should you not make the decision, you could be fired… As a leader, we are bound to encounter challenges. The way these challenges are dealt with and overcome, determines who we are as an individual, and the character we portray to others. How we […]