💡 After hitting the lowest points in my business in 2015, I came across a mentor who left me with words that changed how I went about things – “Hiten, if you want significant change in your results, then the chances are likely you probably need a significant change to your strategy and how you go about things, both in your life and business”❗️

Now for many entrepreneurs this may be a bitter pill to swallow at first, but what does this mean?

✅ Working harder on the same strategy is unlikely to move the needle. The chances are that our work ethic is not in doubt, but more so, whether we are working in balance on the right things.

✅ When you play better games, you likely to win better prizes. The things we take pride in may just be the very thing that needs changing. So, how might the things we take pride in be misleading us is the question to consider❓

✅ Lastly, (and most importantly) - what if I said the secret to performing better at business, and feeling more satisfied, isn’t to put more effort and energy into work but less❓

✅ Why❓ Because when we focus on ALL areas of life we care most about (and not just business), we are likely to perform better in business. Give it a try 😉

💎 Set clear goals and intentions that define what is important to you. Knowing what is important makes it much easier to choose what to spend our precious time on 💎

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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