💡 Ever felt like you don’t believe you earned your achievements at your own merits, and fear others may realize the same thing. Or that you don’t actually deserve your accomplishments and people may think otherwise of you❓

These Impostor feelings represent a conflict between our own self-perception and the way others perceive us. Even as others praise our talents, we may write off our successes to timing and good luck.

If the above sounds familiar, fear not❗️ Below are some strategies that help resolve Impostor feelings productively:

✅ Talking to a trusted friend or mentor about your distress can help you get some outside context on the situation.

✅ When Impostor feelings surface, ask yourself whether any actual facts support these beliefs. Then, look for pieces of evidence to counter them.

✅ Avoid comparing yourself to others - Everyone has unique abilities. We are where we are today because someone recognized our talents and potential. Embrace that moment of brilliance!

💧 Grab today as the opportunity to start accepting and embracing your capabilities in light of a brighter future 💧

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