💡  For any entrepreneur, decision making is crucial to determine whether one moves forward or not…yet, many of us run into the challenge of wanting perfection, associating that to a successful, profitable business.

Recently, having launched a tech start-up, I was a culprit of this with many lessons learnt, and the main one being “perfection stalls progress”.

✅ The time we spend trying to hammer down the finite details ends up wasted. Why❓

➡️ When we focus on perfection, we lose sight of other opportunities that could be pushing our business toward success. So, always keep an eye and spend efforts on the big picture.

✅ Trying to make something perfect can prevent us from making it just good. How❓

➡️ Perfection in its elusive glory is like a unicorn. Sure, it sounds great, but who’s actually seen one❓ Would you rather ride a real horse or wait for an imagined unicorn❓

✅ Perfection may just be the reason we do not reach our business goals. Why❓

➡️ Because we spend too much time on minor things that do not bring major results

💎 When we decide we want to try something new, the opportunity and fear of failure and rejection come knocking. Should we let them in? Yes. Should we let them stop us. No 💎

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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