đź’ˇ During uncertain times, each one of us are faced with incredible amounts of uncertainty and stress. And this stress can either break us or make us.

In my entrepreneurial journey to date; there have been times where I did NOT achieve what I envisioned. And it was these times, I was reminded by a mentor that “one should NOT be so hard on themselves”.

The lessons learnt from this are simple yet important:

✅ In times when we are embarking on a journey to achieve our dreams and may not be successful; we either have the choice to accept that we are either “bursting a water pipe or mining an unpolished diamond.”

✅ Choice is crucial in all we do – we either see an obstacle ahead, or an opportunity within an obstacle to unravel, unpackage and exploit to bring our best versions out (whether in business or personal life)

âś… Lastly, consider the reason WHY you have become who you are today. The odds are we place a bet on ourselves and want to commit to the fact that our future is something that we create from a vision with execution.

💧 Everyone has an unpolished diamond to mine – how much we want it is our choice 💧

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