Self-Discipline Can Unlock Success

Food For Thought: Self Discipline can unlock success…

💡 The ROAD (Responsibilities, Outcomes, Actions and Disciplines) we desire to walk in business and life is fundamentally dependent on our level of self-discipline.

To be successful in business (or anything we choose to do), these 4 elements incorporated into our daily routines need to be both realistic and achievable (whilst challenging). 

For this to happen, it requires self-discipline.

✅ Self-discipline (for me) is the ability to push forward, stay motivated, and take action, regardless of how we feel (physically or emotionally). To do this, one needs to drive their business with purpose and meaning.

✅ By creating unrealistic disciplines, we become counter-productive, and often halter our progress on the ROAD. Together with this, learning to delegate is crucial for sustained success.

✅ Therefore, consider smaller resolutions (in light of the big goal). This allows us to reach our ultimate big goal by creating momentum, and enables us to think beyond the limits. With a clear mini goals and approach, we enhance our approach towards the end destination.

✅ Remember to get to the finishing line on any ROAD, we need to choose intention over excuses, in light of pursuing a better tomorrow. So eliminating addictions, procrastination, and laziness, our arch enemies is key.

💎 Do today what others won’t, so that tomorrow we can accomplish what they did not 💎

How to Scale Your Small Business in 6 Steps

How to Scale Your Small Business in 6 Steps

6 Steps To Scale Your Small Business

As an early-stage entrepreneur, your eyes are always on the horizon, seeking out growth opportunities wherever they come. You have launched and got your business off the ground, BUT now it’s time to figure out how to grow it.

Growth is good, but growth isn’t always sustainable. That’s why we’re talking about scaling—growth that is deliberate, long term, and fully in your control.

To scale sustainably means going in with a plan and being prepared to handle any challenge that’s thrown your way. It’s the difference between getting a sudden spike in sales and every process falling apart, and getting a sudden spike in sales and handling every order smoothly with great customer service to boot.

It takes planning, expertise, and sometimes funding to get it done. We’ll walk you through how to craft an iron-clad plan for your future.

You should only take your business to the next step if you’re truly ready! Scaling up means your company is going to take more time, resources, and expertise. Scaling up is an exciting time, but you’ll need a level head to get it done in a way that’s sustainable for your business. 

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to take on more strategic challenges? That could mean expanding your product lines or selling globally.
  • Will you be able to dedicate more time to your business without other parts of your life suffering?
  • Do you have the financial resources available that you’ll need?
  • Do you need outside help? You may be at a point where having someone else handle marketing or customer service would make your day easier.
  • Do you need more employees to get the work done? Struggling to make your business work with your current team—which might be a mighty team of one!—is a great sign that it’s time to scale up. 
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with orders? Having a higher volume than your business is prepared to handle means falling behind on packaging and deliveries, customer service gaps, and a whole lot of stress for you. 
  • Are you falling behind on inventory? If you’re constantly finding yourself sold out, with customers clamoring for restocks, it’s definitely time to scale up.

Lastly, some businesses are meant to be small businesses. It’s OK if you want your side hustle to remain a side hustle. It all comes down to your personal priorities, lifestyle, and financial situation. 

There’s no one formula for scaling a business, because every business—and founder—has unique strengths and challenges. Scaling up a clothing business, for example, is going to look different from scaling up a skin care empire. But there are some common threads to consider:

1. Make A Plan For Your Future

1. Make a plan for your future

If your company started as a hobby, you may have just been going with the flow up until this point. 

However, to scale sustainably, you need a business plan. It will not only help you understand your business, but it will be something you’ll need to show if you ever seek out outside investment. 

There are different ways to format a business plan, but a basic one should include:

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Management and organization
  • Products and services
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing plan
  • Logistics and operations plan
  • Financial plan

In particular, you’ll be creating a strategic marketing plan, with a forecast for the future outlining your plans for growth. What’s a realistic revenue goal for a year from now? What about five years from now? What’s your plan for increasing your marketing capacity?

Nail down where your business is right now, as well as where you want your business to go. Use the resources below to get started and consider the next steps in scaling as you create your plan. 

2. Evaluate Your Supply Chain

2. Evaluate your supply chain

Scaling up means a higher volume of sales and your supply chain needs to be equipped to handle that. What works right now might not work as well at scale.

3. Hire Strategically

3. Hire strategically

Scaling up means you may no longer be able to do everything yourself, or with whoever you’ve recruited so far to make your business work. 

If hiring is part of your scaling strategy, you should hire where an extra person would be most effective. Employees are a major financial commitment, so they should be focus on an area that will bring in the most return.

4. Outsource For Efficiency

4. Outsource for efficiency

If it doesn’t make sense to hire your own employee, there are ways to outsource tasks to streamline your business as you scale. 

Whether hiring an agency or an employee, you should consider where you most need help. If you’re struggling with marketing a small business, it’s only going to get more challenging as you scale up. Decide what aspects of your business would benefit from expertise you don’t have and look into third-party services that can help you out. 

5. Automate Where You Can

5. Automate where you can

Getting things done faster or more efficiently at scale can be made easier with tools designed to automate your workflow.

Another example for streamlining customer service is using Shopify Inbox for communicating with customers. This tool allows you to utilize live chat—which we know is a fantastic way to increase conversions—in a way that keeps all your conversations in one place, allows for saved responses, and gives you metrics so you can track impact.

Check out these handy bots to learn more about how to automate your business.

6. Seek New Capital

6. Seek new capital

Scaling costs money, and you might need to identify the right time to seek outside investment to see your plans through and keep your cash flow flowing.

That timing is crucial. Capital is something you want to secure before you act on plans to grow, rather than when your business takes off and you’re left scrambling for the funds to support it.

Food For Thought: Step out of the comfort zone

Food For Thought: Step out of the comfort zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Food For Thought: Step out of the comfort zone

💡  Like a turtle, we all have a comfort zone where we can curl away, feel cozy and safe inside a shell… 

But if there was ever a lesson I learnt the day I started my first business and was at the brink of having nothing 2 years later, it was the following:

✅ To change our destiny, our thinking and neuropathways need to be challenged i.e. one must be willing to step out of the turtle shell no matter how much we feel at home

✅ Our mindset will only begin to change if we allow ourselves to be exposed to the possibilities of change. Stepping out of the comfort zone can be one of the hardest things anyone can do, but it all starts with building self-confidence.

✅ There is no over the counter formula we can buy for success, but here’s a formula to remember:

PREPARATION (i.e. personal development) + ATTITUDE (mindset) + OPPORTUNITY (actively pursuing and not waiting) + ACTION (doing something about it)

✅ Before stepping out of our comfort zone, accept that we will meet fear along the path e.g. an excuse, a misbelief that may make us believe something that is simply not true. It’s important that we become adept at seeing it for what it is.

💎 Strive to learn something new every day – even if it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable at first 💎

Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

Use these tips to start your day, they are from successful people in various sectors.

Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

💡 We are all familiar with affirmations and the jargon spoken about “I am xxx” and practicing this. However, saying this is only one piece of the pie – believing AND feeling it is the most important element, and this is where incantations are more effective than affirmations. How so❓ 

Remember, how we get out of bed and prepare for each day determines the mood we are likely to carry throughout the day, which leaves us either in a perpetual state of immobility OR mobility❗️

How does incantations then help with manifesting a vision and being more purposeful in anything we do (whether business or personal)❓

✅ Remember, every feeling or action begins with a thought, and since we control our thoughts, we have the power of choice on how we experience our life. 

✅ When saying an incantation, the key is to get in tune with the emotional charge of what is being said, which means embodying and being what we say…

✅ By embodying the physical state of what we say, we train our neurologic state to make it real to our mind, by NOT only speaking the language, but also feeling it.

✅ By doing this, we take direct control of our state which can change the difference in the quality of how run a business and our own life. So, leave a comfortable amount of time every morning, to have a clear and stress-free mind and the ability to focus on important positive incantations.

💧 If we don’t consciously control our thoughts and what enters our minds, we are receptive to anything that comes in it, which affects our emotions 💧

Food For Thought: Embrace a Sherpa Leadership Philosophy To Be Fulfilled and Successful

Food For Thought: Embrace a Sherpa Leadership Philosophy To Be Fulfilled and Successful

Food For Thought: Embrace a Sherpa Leadership philosophy to be fulfilled and successful…

💡 If you set out to climb Mt. Everest, one of the first things one does is hire a Sherpa, the leader of a mountain climbing expedition. What is unique about the Sherpa❓

Sherpa don’t celebrate how many times they reach the summit of Mt. Everest, BUT rather how many times they have helped others get to the top i.e. being of service

In business terms (or even in one’s own personal life), here are some personal lessons #entrepreneurs can embrace through the Sherpa leadership philosophy:

✅ When we shift our focus from making money to what our real “core for existence” is, we begin to transition from being transactional focused to being servant focused, in light of helping others reach their full potential. The more we make it about others, the more individual success one will begin to enjoy.

✅ Brand positioning based on serving and creating value vs purely a transactional focused mindset i.e. facts and figures, creates a brand reputation of one where we care about our customers, employees and other stakeholders

✅ To win in anything we do, Sherpa don’t lead from afar but rather climb the mountain right alongside their teams. Similarly, to win trust and respect with anyone, we cannot ask someone else to jump through a fire unless we are willing to do it too.

💧 The Sherpa provides an ideal metaphor for those who dedicate themselves to serving, whether in business or life 💧

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