Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Always take tasks one step at a time. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step – Martin Luther King Junior

Food For Thought: The entrepreneurial staircase…

💡 Taking the first step to greatness may seem daunting for anyone starting out their venture in entrepreneurship, especially with regards to all the elements of uncertainty ahead when we do not know what the journey looks like…

The obstacles in our journey should not be feared, as taking that first step ultimately helps build the other stairs to our ultimate destination, and here is why:

✅ Having a destination with a clear path creates little challenge resulting in limited self-development

✅ Sometimes as an entrepreneur, we may not know how or if our dream is possible. However, it is only in throwing in the first pebble that a ripple effect begins.

✅ A growth mindset strengthens us to test new obstacles e.g. Had I not attempted (and failed dismally) at starting a business after qualifying as a CA, I would not have gained the mental strength to succeed today in launching businesses that are meaningful and purposeful…

💎 Understandably, fear may want to hold us back from attaining our ultimate…but do we want fear to dictate our happiness❓ 💎

Food For Thought: It’s Not How We Start, It’s How We Finish

Food For Thought: It’s Not How We Start, It’s How We Finish

“There are better starters than me, but I am a strong finisher.” – Usain Bolt (image of Usain Bolt doing his iconic pose.)

Food For Thought: It’s not how we start, it’s how we finish…

💡 In the 100m sprint, Usain Bolt was never the first man off the blocks…yet he won the 100m track event in record time❗️

Similarly, as entrepreneurs, we may feel at some point, we are at a standstill in life and elements of self-doubt, fear and imposter syndrome start to kick.

I clearly remember the day I had to transition back from entrepreneurship to corporate (before returning to it) and said to myself “all my friends are years ahead of me in wealth and experience”…little to realise a bigger picture was waiting to unfold ahead of me.

HOW and WHY❓

✅ Our past cannot be changed. The lessons we learn from there are what makes us invaluable as we build a foundation of future success…

✅ Our future is determined through our conscious choices, focus and efforts … which ultimately lies within our control. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows – so keeping the end finishing line in mind, is important

✅ Each one of us is gifted a story to tell and the length of our chapters are different (whether in business or life). So comparing ourselves to peers is good to create a competitive edge and drive results BUT not good if we allow despair to take over us.

✅ Lastly, many successful individuals start off with “nothing”, and today have revolutionised the lives of others, let alone themselves. Go check the history of Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani, Robin Sharma, Grant Cardone…

💎 One does not need to start off as a legend, to become a legend ❗️ 💎

Letting fear guide us and NOT drive us

Letting fear guide us and NOT drive us

💡 Starting a new venture in life or business may not be easy for anyone, however by understanding the rootcause of any emergences of our fears, we can use this as a navigation to direct us to our ultimate fulfilment, whether in business or life.

Many may ask, how is this possible❓ And below are some tips to consider, if fear may be holding you back in life:

✅ Firstly understanding the root cause of our fears by listing down all our fears and the reasons for them allows us to separate them between tangible and intangible (a fallacy) fears.

✅ The reason for determining the source of our anxiety isn’t to give us an excuse to keep living in fear. It’s to help us assert power over these fears so that they no longer control who we are by implementing ACTION PLANS.

✅ How we do this is by changing the story of our lives we tell ourselves and changing our mindset. The first step is recognizing that we ALL have a choice. We can blame outside forces for our emotions and feel out of control, OR we take charge of our life and stop living in fear.

✅ Remember, fear emerges in response to growth; it’s a sign we are doing something new. For growth and transformation to appear, fear will arise continuously as we step outside the comfort zone – YET its a sign that we are doing what we are set out to do.

💎 Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie 💎

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