Sweat more in practice, and you’ll bleed less at war

Sweat more in practice, and you’ll bleed less at war

💡 Success is ever so dangerous. Once we rise to success, it’s so easy to stop doing the things that made us successful. The fire in the belly to become legendary can begin to diminish once we reach a certain mountain peak…

But the very best of the best practice even harder as they become more successful… 

✅ What makes true icons is that they know the top of one mountain peak just allows them to see the next peaks to climb. 

And remember the teaching of the Spartan warriors:

✅ The Spartans’ real secret wasn’t bodily fitness or insensitivity to pain and suffering, but rather a winner’s mindset that involved training relentlessly and preparing physically and mentally to succeed.

So remember, to be successful in life and business:

✅ Epic production has less to do with our willpower and more to do with the routines we install. Get this right, and the results we enjoy become exponential, automatically. 

💧 Luck is a dividend of sweat – the more we sweat, the luckier we get ~ Ray Kroc 💧

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