When we play better games, we win better prizes

When we play better games, we win better prizes

💡  There are two kinds of people we can choose to be in the world — those who play to win short term rewards and those who play the long game and aim for incremental wins. Studies have shown that successful people play the long game.

Similarly, entrepreneurship (and life) itself is all about our actions that are dictated by the vision one has of their future self. This focus is all about amplifying consistent rewards.

✅ Psychologists call this the difference between a performance approach and a performance avoidance mindset.

✅ When we adopt a performance-approach mindset, we are playing to win with a long term strategy in mind knowing the potential rewards of success.

✅ When we adopt a performance-avoidance mindset, our focus is on avoiding mistakes and circumventing danger, and so instant gratification and short-term benefits hang low.

✅ In other words, do we “strive to thrive” OR “strive to survive” ❓

💎 Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep running and always on the move 💎

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