Controlling Our Bubble Network

Food For Thought: Controlling our network bubble

💡  It’s a fact of life that some people may hold us back, while others will propel us forward. Learning how to deal with this is more important than wishing our reality was different. We therefore cannot hang out with negative people and expect to have a positive life and be thriving in business. 

More importantly, if we do all the right things, but don’t get around people who hold us to a higher standard, we may not thrive further than our current limits (and why so often we may struggle in any ventures, be it business or life). 

The lesson here❓

✅ Actively constructing our social environment is important, BOTH for our life and business. 

➡️ Don’t let it depend on proximity or chance or on how the past has always been. Rather consciously plan which opinions, attitudes and life philosophies are allowed and NOT allowed in our life.

✅ Putting ourselves in environments where we can maximize #growth is the best tool (learning) for success.

➡️ Do not hesitate being in such environments for the fear of looking stupid. This only limits the opportunity for growth.

✅ Investing in a business coach or mentor who not only holds you accountable but is able to help us steer our ship in the right direction is a recipe for success (versus one that is trial and error).

➡️ Being the smartest in the room is a sign that a new horizon is required. And remember, success leaves clues, so surrounding ourselves with success is key!

💎 When we surround ourselves with people who hold high standards of us, we are surrounded by people who strive to do better. Their energy is contagious and will positively influence us 💎

Are You Using Band-Aid Solutions

Are you using short term solutions instead of fixing the problem and doing the hard work?

Food For Thought: Are you using bandaid solutions❓

💡 Have you ever felt that life (or even business) is on continuous life support, with this major rush to continue patching up bleeding wounds with band-aids (or plasters as we say in South Africa)… 

The society and culture we thrive around often brings busyness in all aspects of our lives (and business), and consequently, we may use “band-aid” solutions as quick remedies to get through these stages. 

However, such solutions are not long term❗️ Rather consider the following:

✅ Commit the time and effort to slow down, be grounded and re-shift focus towards sustainable long term impactful behaviour.

✅ When faced with problems, understand the root cause before rushing to any solution and just treating the symptom(s). If missed, the real problem spreads and often can result in a deadly infection.

✅ Lastly, find leaders who have gone through similar problems who may be outside of your business sphere and connect with them for conversations. Look for thought leaders who solved similar problems in real life practice.

💎 The Band-Aid is an inexpensive, convenient, and remarkably versatile solution to an astonishing array of problems ~ Malcolm Gladwell 💎

8 Steps for Building a Successful Sales Process

A reliable sales process helps create successful and consistent sales in any business.

What makes a great salesperson? Is it a suave voice? An ability to read people? A deep understanding and passion for a product? All or none of the above? Implementing a reliable sales process helps create successful and consistent sales in any business.

The salespeople are vital to the overall endeavor, of course, but as you move forward and build a salesforce, you will likely see that most successful salespeople use a system that works for them. 

So, instead of having salespeople come and go, rather consider creating a successful sales process. 

Here are eleven steps you can take to build a successful sales process:

  1. Decide on your sales funnel. 
    The first step is to determine how you will get your prospects and understand your team’s step-by-step actions to guide a prospect to an eventual close.

  1. Determine your CRM. 
    CRMs are good to manage how one documents prospects, their contact information, where they are in the sales process, questions etc.

  1. Set up follow-up systems. 
    Once a prospect comes through, key to success in sales is how do we stay in touch? Do you give them a call, shoot them an email, add them to the newsletter list, follow up after they’ve used a free resource?

  1. Establish a connection with the prospect. 
    Part of the follow-up system should include establishing a connection with the prospect. That includes getting in one-on-one time and having real conversations with them.

  1. Qualify the prospect. 
    It is vital that you understand if your prospect qualifies for the services or products you provide. Perhaps they can only afford a loss leader but plan to afford your entire package one day. Maybe they need your product or service immediately to take the next step on their journey. Determine how you will find out this information.

  1. Discover what the prospect needs. 
    This step is part of the qualifying process, but it is more than “can they afford the product/service?” In this step, you dive deep into the prospect’s needs and if they are something you can provide in your business. If you cannot give them what they need and want – can you provide a quality referral? That may turn them into a referrer themselves.

  1. Find out if the prospect can or should close right away – or if they will need some time.
    During the qualifying process, it’s vital to understand if the prospect can or should close immediately – or if they need more time in the sales funnel. It’s essential to have options for both contingencies, including a system for how you will stay in touch with those who need more time – and connect when they are ready.

  1. Once the sale is closed, ensure there is a process for passing the client to the correct person in the right department. 
    Once a sale is closed, there must be a process for passing the client to another person and helping them to build rapport with that person. This is an area where some salespeople drop the ball and end up becoming that client’s go-to resource for everything from customer service complaints to questions about the product or service. Keeping the client happy and in touch with both the salesperson and the new team member can help with future up sales, but the salesperson should not be the only individual at the company who has taken the time to build rapport with the client.

Cleaning the mind is like emptying house garbage

Cleaning the mind is like emptying house garbage

Food For Thought: Cleaning the mind is like emptying house garbage…

💡 Like we empty the garbage in our homes consistently, the litter and garbage that surround us in our business and life needs a consistent check-in to filter out. 

Often, the #people and environment we associate ourselves with has significant influence on the outcomes in our day-to-day activities, be it in business or personal life.

✅ If we stick around people who talk us down, give excuses as to why we CAN’T achieve something, or tell us what we NOT GOOD at…we will mould into that belief system imbedded into us❗️

✅ By getting rid of mental clutter (negativity, toxicity, pity parties etc), we make room for the things that really matter. By this, we commit to taking some type of positive action. 

✅ Even if we may not be able to solve the problem, we can choose to do something to make our life (and even business) a little bit better.

✅ Remember, as an entrepreneur, it’s important to take care of oneself, cause if we are not at our best, the people we serve and the people who work for us cannot be at their best either.

✅ Healthy habits, routines and behaviours not only in our personal life but also in business lead to healthy outcomes – it’s a matter of choice.

💧 Focus on absorbing #positivity and associate with an environment that uplifts. 💧

To Reap, One Needs To Plant

Food For Thought: To reap, one needs to plant

💡 In order to reap rewards (i.e. get success), one must first plant i.e. we must take action and put our ideas into practice, otherwise we will never reap the rewards of our efforts.

And our effort level determines our desired outcomes i.e. the more we are to plant and nurture (put in the hard yards), the greater the rewards are likely to be. 

BUT in all this, lies a trick:

✅ We need to carefully select what we want to sow i.e. focus; and then we must nurture the seed until it is the right time to harvest.

✅ If we pull up the seeds too early before they have had time establish, we will never reap the benefits of the harvest – remember, no good things come easy and overnight

✅ Having clarity on what we want is key to achieving it. Maintaining focus will help us do the things necessary to expand our experience, skillset and ultimately attain our desirable goals.

💧 Planting weeds and hoping for flowers is unrealistic – align the end objective with the smaller building blocks that will get you there 💧

How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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