💡 Imagine you’re walking down the street with a coffee in your hand. Someone accidentally bumps into you and the coffee spills all over your shirt…


If asked, “why did you spill coffee”, what would your answer be❓ The answers may vary to the nth degree, but the point to remember is the following:


✅ Think of the bump as life’s wake up call, and the liquid in the cup as our emotions.


✅ And when life ‘bumps’ into us, something is bound to spill out.


The above could apply to us BOTH in our personal lives or our business…


✅ So, depending on how heavy our emotional weight is, it’s likely going to be something negative spilling out or positive as a reaction the situation


✅ The question then is – How heavy are our current emotional weights, and do they justify to where we want to go in life or business❓


💧 Work towards filling a cup that embraces passion and fulfilment to ourselves and others❗️ 💧


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